Transforming Life Center (TLC) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that serves at-risk youth (ages 13-19) who reside in Bell and Coryell Counties. The agency was founded in 2012 as a proactive reaction to increasing criminal behaviors and lack of services for the at-risk youth population in our community. TLC has partnered with Communities in Schools of Central Texas (CIS), Department of Family and Protective Services, and Bell County Juvenile Services to make a difference in our youth’s lives.

In the last 5 years Transforming Life Center has helped the youth obtain employment, complete high school, attend college, and enter into the military services. The TLC volunteers and mentors have been successful with detouring youth from self-destructive and criminal behaviors through decision making and effective communication skills. Furthermore, TLC volunteers and mentors have been instrumental in empowering, encouraging, and equipping at-risk youth to reach their goals by providing guidance in life skills, along with knowledge in understanding self-esteem and self-worth.

In the next stage of this incredible journey, Transforming Life Center would like to expand our services in helping youth by purchasing land and property to create a state of the art Multipurpose Performing Arts Youth Center. The property would allow our youth to improve and showcase their talents through art, music, poetry, spoken word, singing, dancing, and acting. We have found a property for sale that is located on Reese Creek Road right across the street from Transforming Life Center’s current location. The land is approximately 4 acres, with a large house, and lots of storage area that is perfect for meeting the needs of the outreach center. As a result, we are asking for your assistance with purchasing the property. Any donations/or contributions that you can make will be greatly appreciated to reach our goal of 300,000.

In order to help us achieve our goals, we rely on caring adults in the community to participate. Your continued support and participation is indispensable for the success of this initiative. We believe that every young female and/or male deserve a chance to turn their life around and become productive citizens. Without the continued support and participation of community members, this need may go unmet. We believe that if change is to happen for our youth, then we must not just talk about change, but we must become proactive by being the vehicle that helps to produce change. By donating, you can make a lasting difference in the lives of a youth.

Your donations to Transforming Life Center are tax deductible.