All donations and proceeds go towards helping the youth in our community in their personal and educational lives. 

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It's not about us it's about our YOUTH.

In the last 4 years Transforming Life Center has helped the youth obtain employment, complete high school, attend college, and enter into the military services. The TLC volunteers and mentors have been successful with detouring youth from self-destructive and criminal behaviors through decision making and effective communication skills.
Furthermore, TLC volunteers and mentors have been instrumental in empowering, encouraging, and equipping at-risk youth to reach their goals by providing guidance in life skills, along with knowledge in understanding self-esteem and self-worth.

Our Youth are Our Future.

We believe that if change is to happen for our youth, then we must not talk about change, but become proactive by being the vehicle that helps to produce change.


The TLC Mentoring Program empowers, encourages and equip at-risk youth in the community to reach their goals by providing guidance in decision-making skills, academic assistance, life skills, career/job assistance, and college readiness.