La Donna Harris

We work with individuals, couples, parents, and their families who are experiencing distress in their life, and conflict within their most important relationships. We invite you to join us in creating success in resolving the distractions and problems that interfere with a more positive experience of life. Our mission is  to restore wholeness, hope, and purpose in life for all people through therapeutic counseling and the word of God.

Mentoring Program!

Transforming Life Center (TLC): We are a 501 C3

non-profit outreach program that provides social-emotional support, and positive guidance for at risk youth (ages 14-21). Through mentoring and individualized support, TLC goals are to improve academic achievement, self-esteem, social competence, and avoidance of high-risk behavior by helping the youth towards their full potential. 

La Donna Harris, Executive Director

About Us

Transforming Life Center

Here at Transforming Life Center we believe that if change is to happen for our youth, then we must not talk about change, but become proactive by being the vehicle that helps to produce change.